The Proxybear is a green software that helps you find the http, https, and socks proxies . you can crawl the network free proxy address, can also use us's provide high-quality http,https and socks proxies. It can detect the validity of proxy at the same time and provide a variety of detection methods. Built-in http servers, socket servers, remoting servers, use http api, tcp api, remoting interfaces to obtain and manage proxy addresses.

Proxyhound is based on syn scan's proxy address acquisition tool, It can scan up to tens of thousands IP addresses per second, providing rawsocket and WinPcap scanning mode, scan results can be directly http, https, socks4, socks5 proxy validated, can export variety formats or use the builtin http server, socket server, remoting server for external publishing. Proxyhound is a collection from the proxy address, verification, publishing the whole process of unattended's green software.