Proxy bear

File hash checksum error

"File hash checksum error" occurs because the Proxybear.exe file is modified, for security reasons should be downloaded files, if the download just downloaded file that appears "File hash checksum error", consider whether the current system environment has a virus infection, Please use antivirus software to clean the virus and run again.

Can I use it in Windows XP?

Yes, you may need to download the corresponding. NET Farmework as prompted.

Proxies test failed.

Proxies test failure may be a number of reasons, may be the proxy address has expired, also may be the proxy address has been targeted IP blacklist, or access timeout and so on, before the proxy test to do a good adjustment of "proxy test settings" to achieve better results.

IP corresponds to the country exactly?

The source of the IP country data is, which basically covers the IP address of IPV4, the detailed description of the data can see

HTTP service startup failure

The default listening port for the built-in HTTP service is 28776, please check if the 28776 port is occupied by other applications, or you can modify the listening port of the HTTP service, and if the listening port is blocked by a network firewall, you need to modify the masking rules for the network firewall.

Is it free to use?

Proxybear is a shareware software for free use.(Free users use proxybear's built-in services . After starting, it will stop 6 hours later,If you need to continue using services , you need to manually start again (click on the starting icon or the startup menu), buying the premium content can relieve this restriction).

I purchased a paid service, how to get the premium proxy address

Can through Proxybear access, options->crawl settings, enable "premium proxy", detailed settings and operations to view the document.

Get proxy "Invalid request" appears

When the HTTP service or socket service has use authenticated options, the proxy address request for authentication failure will appear "Invalid request", please refer to the authentication rule to manipulate or modify the identity authentication rule.

Proxy hound

What's the difference between using winpcap and rawsocket?

Rawsocket syn scans can only be used on Windows2003, 2008, 2012, and higher server operating systems, but winpcap does not have this limitation, but first install winpcap (winpcap website download address Rawsocket + iocp is more efficient than winpcap(packet32), but is typically affected by switches (routers) and hit rates in the actual operating environment, the difference is not very big.

The role of syn scan blocking

When a syn scan is performed, if the CPU generates TCP packets faster than the switch (router) processes the data, it can cause other normal data to be sent and received to fail, and the purpose of blocking is to reduce the number of TCP packets per unit of time.

How to import multiple IP segments and ports to scan (there are very many)

There is no such function, but you can still set the IP segment and port data to be scanned in the option, and the data will be saved automatically, you can set up some large IP segments, such as (of course, there are many reserved IP, but I scanning proxies is to do so), do not have to worry about memory, only used small buffer (not more than 1M) real-time generation of IP packets.